Mara Holy Bible a Zipper chhaopa achalei thei

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Siaha, Thlarah 27 (ECM HQ) - Mara Biehrai (Holy Bible with Zippers) cha ECM Bookroom, Siaha liata India phusa ta sakha ta tlawh 350/- lyma ta chalei thei awpa ta a y haw.

For presentation only
(Acho liata nothlahpa he pamosana dei a cha. Mara Biehrai Zipper chhaopa chavei)

"Awnanopa chabu paso via lyma thei n'awpa ta Awnanopa tao pasuana lyma chata Hlabu, Biehrai, Hawti Biehrai nata Awnanopa chab papua pazy hma phahnai chyu awpa ta eima haw," tahpa ta ECM website ta ahawna taopa a cha.

Khotho la tawhta achalei khohpazy chata ECM website liata contact page tawhta contact tao awpa a cha.

ECM Headquarters news hropazy chhao website liata update hawpa a cha. Tly chyu suh vy.

ECM Headquarters Official website:

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