MADC Officer Pano Direct Appointment Reirana Hluh

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SIAHA, April 26 ( - Mara Autonomous District Council (MADC) office ry liata department sanopazy ta officer rai sakha rairi direct appointment ta ama lapa ta baipa (alleged) nata reihpazy ta khihlia liata reirana apahluhsa kaw.

MADC office compound angiana Gate nothlahpa
(MADC office compound angiana Gate nothlahpa).

Eima hnola ta liata comment tawhta asiano lei kawpa ta eima vaw pahnopa cha ta thatih asiaviapa ta achu ta, council staff-zy tawhta ary liata palasapazy he Direct appointment ta Council liata officer ta lapazy ama chapa ta pahnopa a cha, chazy cha:

1. K. Robert S/o Puhpa K. Beisa, EM (LAD), HEO chata lapa;
2. H. Palai  S/o Puhpa H. Sahlo, EM (RD), ASO chata.

Thla hmiatuapa (March) liana khata la rairipa ama chapa ta pahnopa a cha.

Robert he Horticulture Extension Officer (HEO) ta lapa cha ta, Palai he Assistant Sericulture/Sanitation Officer (ASO) ta lapa a cha hra. He raizy he Second Class Officer rai acha rairipa ta pahnopa cha ta, he kyh he reirana hluh kaw ta, zawpi la advertisement papuatla leipa ta direct ta appointment taopana a cha tahpa ta reirana ahluh kaw.

Ke kyh he EM-zy office tawh tlyma, department head appointment ataotuhpazy la tawhta hmatuhpazy maniah chhopasia thei ei sala eima ly kaw aw.

Comment lia tlyma a cha vei khiah This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it liazy ta he kyh he maniah ama chhopasia khiah cha eima ly kaw aw.

Comments (85)
  • the truth
    a chatlai na.....ROBERT he s/o K.Beisa EM( Vaihpi tawta amapatlo pa)
    PALAI chhaohe s/o H.Sahlo EM (Meisavaih tawta tlypatlopa) na ma vaw tao thei ngasa na...rah chhitha tuhpa chata cha tly pita nama saw na Sawkha raih lia nama hnao kho vata ma rah kyheipacha nama ta.... EM nama chana tawta a pabah teh u.....rah kyhpacha hmeiseih vei chi tapa a hno ha na... he va heta marah a dothai khao veih hi....politician tla cha vei chi....CONGRESS MDC vaih vaih nama cha pa chu....CONGRESS PARTY ei puasai pa aw.....
  • Anonymous

    Bsc.. patlo lei pata Class-2 Ofiicer na recruit thlapa he Pupa K. Beisa
    kheita mara saw zy hmia nakha ?khatai lia Fake document na ma chalei?
    Zsc.. chaleipa eikho ngasa hra.
  • Anonymous
    eima rah hmia phao zie avaw la kaw heih dua maw?!! survival of the fittest cha leipata survival of the powerful lata eima lie ha bah he zaw, advertisement chhao papua leipata 2nd class officer pano tlai ama la hla pa cha democracy cha leipata dictatorship liata eima y bah he zaw...a chatliena lata pa ba ei sa.....or else lets wait for the next election...
  • Anonymous  - Hi mr.Anonymous
    Bsc chhao a patlo lei ta pa cha kheita na pahno?
  • Anonymous
    BSc a patlo nata patlo lei cha kyh nanopa cha sala,ama la dah he a doh rai rai vei..........kei cha sala la office chhao a pazao ngah vana....
  • mamambung
    survival of the politician SONs'
  • Anonymous
    A very sad and disturbing news indeed!.MADC has become the personal properties of the present Executive Members(EMs).Some of recent wrongdoings of the executive members are.
    1.One EM had allegedly stolen question papers for his candidate in the recently conducted Gr A Exams in MADC.
    2.The two appoinments shown above.
    3.One EM was reported to have gone berserk because his candidate was not able to clear the written part of the recruitment process.He had also opposed any future exams for recruitment.
    3.It seems all the posts for Gr B have been filled with the candidates of EMs without any consideration of their acedemic credentials.

    All these clearly shows that we have been moving back to
    stone age period where people with muscle power oppressed others
    ruthlessly.The only difference, being the replacement of muscle powers with political powers.
  • Lolz
    MADC has become the personal properties of the present Executive Members(EMs).

    It has not become, it used to be.. it has been like this ever since its inception some few decades ago. You have mentioned only few of them, why spare the CEM and other corrupt officers too?
  • Anonymous
    MR.ROBERT has done his B.Sc(Hort) from Y.S.Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry , Sholan, HP. He is currently persuing M.Sc (Hort) in the same University. He have the qualification to be an HEO....but the process of recuiting him as an HEO is not very clean. It is a shameful act.
  • Anonymous
    the CEM of course is included.He cannot be a mute spectator to all these.
  • The Unknown
    Mr.Palai he BA vei ma....Asst Sericulture Officer he la BSc achhie chaita cha sala a hmie kaw bao aw...Asst Sanitation Officer cha hri vei ma...Puhpa Sahlo he LAD a to Puhpa Beisa ta RD a to
  • kadua  - shala!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mara chi nata pho maniah pachhai tu penawh A HAI HI PA POLITICIAN nawh zy he ....khapa rah kyh chama ama pacha hra boa tly... A RESULT cha ala pasia ngasa vei ma....chhokha naw nata vote a hneihlu viapa ngala na tla Rah kyh pachana lia ama pa hlao thla tyh bao....shala!!!!!!!!!!!MARA saw zy ahra ba suh vy.....
  • scjohn
    Mara rah ngiachhi achhi tlai na! Ahy hema mara rah kyhpacha hmeihsei rai awh tly? Ama pakapalei ta rah kyhpacha kawpa hawhta reih tyh ei ta,ama palohru la liata cha "kheitama rah eitia thei awh" tahpa hawhta ama cha thlaha cha zaw!!! ..........................

    Mara satlia
  • Anonymous
    ahno via la liata biechho tha chho hlu ngaita kaw. atahmatapa liata cho chhi cha aru ala viapa hmo eima ty ha heipa a cha. mararah he ahy zypi ta ma tao pathi va ba awpi? ngo's nata media zychhaopi eima chali ngaita kaw dia maw. mararah heta kyh totie chata REVOLUTION eima ngia hmeiseih bah he zaw
  • Anonymous
    eima EM na chhao rai cha kachhiena a di ta chhao hnei hra vei ei tly ma!!!!!!!!!! Mara zawpi he kheita ma maniah ama hmo rai,a ngapa hawta maniah ama pacha khai ha na cha ngyu aw!!!
  • NIC Siaha  - khina pahno dei cha va!! Forest Officer thiepa eim
    Direct appointment ngasa hela... a pei tu ha! Zawpi zy amoh hnaona hawta eipa cha. Interview zy chama... DPC zy sie pahlie pa zy chata ma la eisala... a zieta a y lai awpa a cha. Direct appointment hela... zawpi chata apasa tu ha. He dei chava!! Forest Deptt lia chao,,, thla rei lei paliata Officer raih a pazao awpa ama y!!!!! zawpi zy pahno tla leipata tranning pahneisa eita... ama tranning khai pataw nata Forest Deptt liata Officer raih ama pazao awh! ama pazao awpa post he apahno pasia thei ma vei! Ranger Officer chao a cha thei. Cha a pei thei dala!!!
  • Anonymous
    peih vei peih tiarah vei next term liata eima pahno kha tlyma,mara revolutionary party eima peimawh........
    Puhpa K.Beisa(EM) MADC nata Puhpa H.Sahlo (EM) MADC zy heta MARA zawpi zy he mania moh hnao ngasata eipahno. pei tiara vei..... Democracy ra he...... eipahno lyma hra awh!! Forest Deptt lia chaocha OFFICER rai cha...ama nga khia vaw pie ly ma ei sa.. Zawpi zy he eima peimaw zie ama pahno ly ma awh! DEMOCRACY liata Zawpi kho dah a bei chai awpa acha.
  • Recruitment agency eima peimaw
    MADC heta Recruitment agency sianao kawpa hneih ba sala a pha aw. He hawh tah eima sie ngahlahpa hela cha thai vei. State Public Service Commission zy daidao ta he recruitment agency he taopa cha sala.Chairman zy, member zy awhpa tah Marasaw MCS/IAS/other higher service retired officer raopa cha ei sala. Teacher tawhtah group A raih zydua taih he agency siepahlie pata la lymapa cha sala, chhokha a khokheihna a vaw y chhao ta atahma tapa hla la a zie y via rai rai aw. .Zawpi palo zy a da via awh.MSO/MTP/MCHP zy chhao ta he issue he thatlo kawpa ta bua khei eisa la...Khapa nama pacha na da cha hra tlyh?

    Things can not go on like this. Something needs to be done. We can not allow our Council to become a family council. Our leaders should have atleast realise that we are under the constitution of India.Sixth scheduled is meant for the tribal upliftment of hill people in NE India. Yet today the fact of the matter is it served only the few-ruling class and their near ones. The frequent manipulation of this special provision to further the interest of few can no longer be allowed..Lets pray that some public-spirited individuals will raise their voice against all these injustice through Public Interest Litigation(PIL) or other means,in the years to come....James
  • Anonymous
    "I (Dog) alao pie ei ta,apie tuhpa asie pah ha" tahpa alyu thlaha cha zaw!! Mara zawpi ta patloh ei ta,atahma cha marasawzy palohpasa awhpa nata palohpachhie awhpata raih ama hria thlaha cha zaw!!! Marazawpi chhao ta atano tawta la pahno thai ba hra eisi la,Term heihpa liata la Ka-uapa hawta hawhta y khao leipa ta,eima tao awhpa nata hria awhpa he eima pahnopasia ba awhpa apha kaw awh.

  • the truth
    hmeisei tala eima rah liata Media na he maw.... amatao che na phualua nga ama y tla vei.... thyutlia chathai eima rah ta a pei mawh Media athatlo khiatala rah he a pa doh na da a y ta raw ma my... RTI hma thai chao ama y nata pa ngiasana...chavata thyutlia chathaipa dah pahnopa eima pei mawh ngasa tahpa pahno ta hma vaw la lyma tua uuuuuuu...... eima rah a raokei khai haw hiiiiiiiiiiiii.........
  • MaraCID
    Puhpa MH.TIabi lapinô chuan MADC lia a hriahra cha maw!! Kha ma y zie vaw reih pasia tua u... Direct...Direct..Direct..

    Puhpa CEM
    Direct Finance namata tyhpa kha... Direct Appointment na a chathlyu aw.... a y zie nama pahnochei vana chathlyu aw eipa ngiasa

    NEXT TERM.... lia sy
  • Cowboy Mara  - Direct Finance Vrs Direct Appointment
    Direct Finance Vrs Direct Appointment

    Mara District Autonomous District Council ry liata tahma nota thatih reihpa hluh chaipa sanopa nazy: Direct Finance nata Direct Appointment zy he Thyutliapazy pita eima pacha pasia kawpa byu aw. Mara rah siena dah he ado thai khao vei!

    Direct Finance Poilicy vata Sawhkhana tao theipa Congress na policy liahmaripa he Direct appointment he vaw cha ngyu he maw! Zawpizy eima vaw pahno thai lei vata a cha. A pei hmeiseih na.. CEM nata apy nazy New Delhi lata ama Central sawhkha ama za dao tyhpazy chhao he zawpizy dovei achhuahna palotuhpa a cha thei thlah bapa he. Evidence hmeiseihpa hmopa y tlo lei kha tloh ta, zo chhao achhih khao hra vei ei. Direct Finance chochah Central sawhkha ama daona report Congress chhituhpazy ta report na ama piena liata -UPA Chairperson, Chief Minister of Mizoram nata Lok Sabha MP Puhpa CL. Ruala zy chhao 'recommend' na cha ama ro khai hapa hawhta rei tloh ei ta.................tahma taihta atheilapa hmopay tloh leipa ta..........a yzie cha zawpizy ta ama policy liahmaripa 'Direct Appointment' he eima vaw pahno leipa cha ngyu khia maw ei tah.

    Direct Appointment he la rah chhihtuhpazy heta hma khao leipa ei sala kho achhih ngasa. Marasaw chathaipa ama hluh tuh ha...............Written test chhao hmahta a roh ngapa ama zai chhei thla haw................Zawpi nie awpa y vei, eima Council sawhkha kokha chhoh bugget achy tuh haw....................Development chata hmah awpa soh y vei... tahpa ta tlah awkhei tuhpa Congress chhituhpazy ta khazia e amo chhohkha nata sanawhzy kyhpachapa ta Officer rai....Group A 3 nata Group B Lvel 10 daihma tlai ama la thei thlah haw tlo? Ama hlao awpa he y chiehpa ma a cha ma? Non-Plan nata Plan soh liapa ma ama pie pachhuah hei aw...Chavei khia, zawpizy chata hma awpa soh ma ama hma thlah ha heih aw............? Pahno thai aru kaw..

    MADC liata soh he ahlu kawna tahpa he eiam rah chhituhpazy khihsana dah nata tahma ta rai ama lapazy tawhta pachapa ta a hluh chhei thla haw tah theipa a cha. Direct Finance abyu hlei mapi he zaw. Achana dopa hawhta Council soh ama hmah khiata cha maniah adaih chheih thlah ha tahna a cha. Direct Finance policy liaharipa Direct Appointment he eima vaw pahno lei vata a cha he zaw!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Seeker of Justice,Hyd.  - All is not well !! Who are the 3 Idiots?
    The above two appointments are unfair, unreasonable and arbitrary. It is entirely against the wish of Mara people. Our politicians shouldn't have done this in a demoratic society. It is really disgusting, disturbing and so on. They passed on authority to their children as if they had inherited District Council from their great grandfathers. But the fact is that MADC has been established for the well-being of the Maras.

    Every member of the Mara tribe has the right to know that the above two posts were lying vacant. Authority concerned was supposed to put notification/advertisement in respect of filling these posts. This is not an institution where only the sons, daughters and close kins of our politicians are entitled to be offered an appointment. How long we are going to let our politicians abuse the system? How could we, the sons and daughters of common man,get appointment when we were not given an opportunity or privilege to know those posts had to be filled? Don't we have the right to be informed? Our politicians are consciously violating the principle of natural justice.

    If the originality of Mr. K. Robert's certificate is in question (as it was mentioned in the earlier comment), why don't we try and let the concerned authority to verify its originality ? How could the MADC provide appointment to Mr. H. Palai who is Graduate in Arts as Asst. Sericulture Officer when there are large number of Science Graduates seeking jobs among us? If the politicians are not insane they must be knowing that Sericulture is well related to Science.

    I didn't understand why MSO does not come to our rescue...either the MSO Hqrs. or MSO Aizawl should try to find out the truth behind these appointments. And after knowing the facts, are we all going to play a role of mute spectators? Then who else will put the system in a right track... Are we not responsible for that?

    I am afraid that these two gentlemen would be promoted to Class I Officer within a period of few years, i.e., before the next MADC election.It had already happened in the case of Mr. HC Lalawmpuia and Mr. Behnai. They had been promoted from their initial postings as Supervisor to Class I Officer within a short span of time, superceeding many Group B Officers.

    Politicians have infringed our fundamental rights guaranteed under Articles 14,15,16,19(1) and 21 of the Indian Constitution. They are not ashamed of themselves for what they have done. We are not given an opportunity to test or prove our capability to hold these posts. When will the sons and daughters of common man be provided the opportunity of this sort of appointment? We respect our politicians alot but in turn they did injustice to us. These appointments have reflected the true nature of our politicians. And where are the opposition leaders ....are they not going to raise this controversial issue which the public want to know the truth?

    We have two options before us. Firstly, to make representation to His Excellency, the Governor of Mizoram and bring to his kind notice that our politicians have been indulging in private business by appointing their sons rather than carrying forward the business of District Council. Secondly, to challenge the validity of these appointments in the Hon'ble High Court under Article 226. When no one comes to our help, it is high time to approach the judiciary which delivers justice. Don't expect justice from our politicians, we need to fight for it.

    Our love for Maraland should keep us alive and inspire each and every one of us to bring justice back to our Motherland. Let all of us make our own efforts to save Maraland.

    I don't even like to call it "DIRECT APPOINTMENT", I would rather call it "BACK DOOR APPOINTMENT". So, who are the 3 Idiots ? The answer could be Mr. S.Khipo :shock: , Mr. H.Sahlo :roll: and Mr. K.Beisa :lol: . All is not well with our District Council !!!!!!

  • mamambung
    @Seeker of Justice,Hyd. well said!!! howz gonna start this war of justice..... :?: :?: ....well i quess we are still too close a family or let say, related in one way or the other.(kith and kin)...that none of us dare to speak up to really make a difference.....sad sad maraland!!!!...all we all do is bitch abt the situation but no action taken...where do we start any suggestions?
  • Mara Underground
    Puhpa MH.TIabi lapinô chhao cha direct appointment ama pie hra nata ma? MaraCID....... MH.Tiabi (EM) chhao cha a vaw hlao hei naw....cha a buada muarua chala..... KEI TA EIMA TAO KHAO RAI AW !!!!!

    :oops: MARALAND aw!!! MARALAND
  • Huizzz...  - Huizzz...
    Heiha...internet ahmah tyhpa mararaw he khazie rahchhôh eima cha thei vatly?He Maraland net liata eima pacha dah chyu nata sai dah chyu ta roh pita,he eima comment zy he eima rah liata politician nawh zy khaota internet la avawngia pata he maraland net liata comment zy he ama vaw reih tla hr'awma? Ama vaw rei tla lei khiatala he liata comment ei piepa eima rah chata pha ngasapa zy he ti chô liata chhohna thy ta ti ta aphao thlahpa haw deita ta a cha aw a lyu pata ei pahno,chava ta thyutlia a chu haipa zy nata eima rah liata châro apahapa zyta my nata zahta eima rah chata hmopha pa article tlyma,comment zy tlyma eima roh thei lyma hra nawpa ta nata Mara reih pabohsa nawpa ta eima khipi chaipa Siaha nata Tipa liata Print Media nata Electronic Media a y pazy khao,news zy nata hmo hropa zy Mara reihta roh/phuah khai theipa chasala tahpa kho achhih hmeisei.He la chhahta tahma tawhta thyutlia zyta hmala pathao ba sila tahpa kho a chhìh ngasa.
  • Mara Spy
    Mr. Macchhua nata Pihno Maki (Tisi) pazy PA chata ama la hra ..ama tahpa he a do tlyma ..Maraland Administrator? Pihno Maki he MDC a pie nga tyyh hrapa a cha. BA Spicer (Pune) tawhta patlo ta..anodeikua Spicer college tawhta BA Degree he reognised leipa ama tah..MA patloh na ta dei..recognised pa a cha ama tah... Machhua he MA chata, MSO Hqrs Vie President a cha.. S.Khipo nata F Zase quota ama ta....

    Puhpa MH Tiabi chhaota a lahpino appointment a pie hra ama tah..Bie dopa a cha ei aw Mara CID reipa khaw...
  • PA chochah
    PA he Personal Assistant tahna reina a cha khiah la PA he cha advertisement zy tao ta written+interview tao beih vei ei. PA cha ama khohpa ama la tyh. Politician term or sawkhana achha tawhta hriapazao khao tyh vei ei. PA he cha ama khopa maih ama la thei. PA ahnei paphapa he y eita, thokha cha hnei leipa ei ta, ama hlao vyuhpa kha amo ta tla ama nie hri. He he keima pahno dah a cha. - Viarah Lohmaoh
  • Keima  - PS not PA
    1. PS(Personal Secretary) - Chairman nata CEM ta PS ama hnei thei.
    2. PA(Personal Assistant) - EM thokhazy ta PA ama hnei thei.
    3. PS nata PA zy cha UD level cha eita, ama pay scale chhao Rs.55,00/- a cha.
    4. PS nata PA zy cha direct ta appoint theipa ama cha.
    5. Council ry lia ta rai pazaona kyh liata Governor consent la abyuhpa cha Gazetted Officers, 1st class/Group A Officers zy dei a cha. He zy chhao he CEM ta appointment a taopa a cha.
    6. Non-gazetted officers zy deikua Governor Consent abyuh leipa a cha.
  • HydMARA  - No discimination through direct appoinment
    As we have seen the above appoinment,and we know that it was not meant to be that way.Because direct appoinment is not a part of democracy,it's a tyranny.If we go on this way our peaceful Maraland will be in a dictatorship and this will lead to severe damage to our land which will be cure by none but by ourself.So the people of Maraland have a voice on it and fight for corruption.
    Eivaw reih kho kaw hrapa sakhala MADC ry liata teacher lana daihti liana khata HMO DO LEIPA a y pahawta reihna zy a y holo va ta MSO ta acha hrao pa hawta pahno nata..Atahma lia ta dua mo MSO HQ reihka thei awpa a y tla vei...He tlu po ta reihra na ahlu pa liata MSO a cha hraoh lei pa he President 1st class officer liata ama la pava kha acha thei va tly ma i.....?????Tahma ta mara saw achu ngah hai pazy cha ta hmiala daihti sai nawpa mania apatypama kaw duah...MSO he Political party ry liata Y thei awpa acha khia maw tahpa pachana taihta eina za pahneisa........................................
  • MSO yzie y vei
    MSO cha yzie y vei ny... Pres. 1st class officer rai angia ta, angia dah chhao written+interview chhaota cha tarawta political appointment hawh ta reirana hluh pyly hra, atloh awpa tloleipa ei ta ama khokheipazy ama tloh tahpa ta... amozy ama ngiana liachhao reirana a hlu kaw hra khaw, MSO ama reih pathliepa thei awpa y vei. Common sense chhao eima my khai ha ny... - VRL
  • Mara Spy
    Viarah Lohmaoh,
    Na reipa he a do...Personal Asst. lana liata written nata interview byuh vei. Machhua na Maki chhao he Personal Asst. (regularised) ta ama la ama tah. Pahno pasia awpa ei khoh kaw hra. Administratorzy khata maniah chho thei va tly ma?
    Amo pano he UDC rank (BA) ta la ei ta, regularisedpa ama cha, ama tah hra.
    Viarah Lohmaoh, hmo sakha na vaw pahno hra awpa ei cha khokhei kaw cha, Eima Council liata PA chata ama lapazy he, ama Puhpa CEM, Chairman, EM nahzy ama ba tawh chhaota Counil liata ama hria pazao lyma .
    Thokha cha LDC hawta hria ei ta, thokhazy ha UDC hawta ama hria...A yzie nata alana dah cha, UDC or LDC hawhta la ei ta, PA chata ama hmapa a lyu kaw.
    Kei chhao na pahnona dah hawhta pahno na ta, anodeikua Council taotia dah deikua anano....PA a hy hma sawhkhana a thla tawhta ba tla vei ei.
  • Viarah Lohmaoh
    Mara Spy, cha rima cha la aw... PA zy ta rai regularised hawhta ama hriana a ychhohpa he MADC liadei he chakhiah maw?? Tisi bia liata opposition la tawhta MDC candidate tyhpa akholah tyhpa PA ta a y ha naw? Ei thi thlah ha...
    Tawhla, he direct appointment nawh he sawkha thiehpa liata la eima paba khai khiah a pha aw. Keimo Mara Thyutlia Party (MTP) eima sawkha tita la.. :evil: - Viarah Lohmaoh
  • Mr. J
    Na reipa he a do kaw...student hawta eima tao theipa cha ta liata reipahmaopa he a cha...platform hropa hnei ma hlei ma pi....Action eima tao theipa a y mah leipa chhaota...a rei chha eima vaw rei chy hrapa kha a pha kaw....

    Tawla, hmo sakha peimawh kawpa cha...MSO hra a chalih ba tlo ta, Forum a padua ta a peimawhna dah hawhta rai hria awpa tla a cha ba ta ei pahno. Eima District Council nata Maraland liata Transparency nata Accountability tlokhei awpa eima chhuapa a byuh.
    Democracy rah liata cha Opposition party naw he sokha (Rulling party) naw chata "Traffic police" rai hria cha ei ta. Amo (Opposition) party naw yzie ama y heih leipa a cha khiata la, Pressure groups (NGO, Eg. MSO,MTP,MCHP) zy he khi na rah chata ao papua tyh awhpa ama cha. Mara rah liata cha he hawpa eima hnei leipa he eima vadua ngasa.

    Opposition party MDC's, nata opposition political party naw zy heta ao (Voice) ama papua awhpa a cha taraw! Sokhana ama la khaolei ti ta ama chalih thla he democracy rah liata politics siezie awhpa cha leipa ta, zawpi naw mania ama mo hnaozie ama palasah na a cha. MNF, MDF zy khatia lia ama y tly?
  • Seeker of Justice
    My Dear friends....

    I firmly believe that the time for complaceny is over. It is time to take bold decision by forming some kind of Forum which will make representation to Governor or other constitutional authority. If we hesitate any further without finding an answer, we would have failed Maraland.
  • hyderabad soccer  - Inspiration!!
    The Soldier*
    Rupert Brooke

    If I should die, think only this of me:
    That there's some corner of a foreign field
    That is forever MARALAND. There shall be
    In that rich earth a richer dust concealed;
    A dust whom MARALAND bore, shaped, made aware,
    Gave, once, her flowers to love, her ways to roam;
    A body of MARALAND'S, breathing MARA air,
    Washed by the rivers, blest by suns of home.
    And think, this heart, all evil shed away,
    A pulse in the eternal mind, no less
    Gives somewhere back the thoughts by MARALAND given;
    Her sights and sounds; dreams happy as her day;
    And laughter, learnt of friends; and gentleness,
    In hearts at peace, under an MARA heaven.

    *poetic liberty :)
  • Thoso cholia Maitopaw apawhpa
    Palo pathaipa ta,
    Ngachhiapa ta,
    Riaphapa ta,
    Tiamapa ta,
    Mara Pasaipha,
    Vaw thyu teh!.......

    Mararah thapasana hmeiseih chhao ta,
    Adona hmiapasa laina chota,
    Kyhpachana palo hmeiseih phaopa t
    Mara thyutlia riaphapazy hmia ei hmo!

    Taochheipa a y,
    Adoleipa a y,
    Palotlah a chhih vei,
    Kho a chhih vei, .......

    Pachapasia awpa ama hnei,
    Ataopa thi awpa ama hnei,
    Ryurihtuhpazy hnazo a zo!....

    Avapi a cho,
    Rietheipazy chata su y vei;
    Thyu la!
    Mararah khaih teh!

  • Anonymous
    Bsc apatlo leipa cha kheita napahno?
    Marasaw eima chy tu hemaw:) apahno leithai pa cha mapi.
    cha va tlai baona eipahno hra bao, viasa zy tawta. St.K Robert ei rei pachhie khopa va chaleipa pata, puhpa K.Beisa ta nozah pahno lei kaw pata recruite-pa acha pa vata, kei marasaw palo he apasa kaw hrabao. eina vaw hiahri palie thla pa deikua chi hela, Puhpa K.Beisa chhokha hnia kawpa nata ama mao phyu hmeisei awpa chikawpa nalyu kawna..nacha vei khia tala .. Sorry.... Napa hno kho hmeisei khia tala ... Himachal pradesh, akhi nata a university la pahno leipa nata... ko hlupi acha neih ta.. New Delhi lia sai ama hmo thla cha maw?Distance ta practical examination apie theipa pahno ma vana .
    K.Robert chhao chysa sia kawpa acha pata pahno nata, apaw hmo tao pado leipa he phah ata nata pangia sah vana.

  • Khapa eima ngiah ? na pacha be
    Maraland nata MADC thatih reipahmaohpa ta daihti varopi eima vawpakho lyma, reih pahmaotuh zyduata eima rah thapasa leipa rai y mapi. Eima rah siechheina nata ado leinazy chhao ahlupi eima pahno chyu. A rei deita rei pahmao ngathlapa heta chha eima palo awma?

    chata ahakhiata cha khapa e eima ngiah, dua pacha tua'su.
    1. Rai lana chochah :- Rai asiaviapata la eima khohkhiata cha, (MADC lia ngala reih sila) Service Commission Board/ageny padua awpa ta hma eima la ngah awpa apeimawh. Cha siepahlie pa ta rai la lymapa acha khiata kho achhih via aw.

    2. Zawpi reikah :- NGO nata Thatihbu mohohtuhpazy ta MADC lia a pahnie leipa eima ngiah. chazy chata, riahpha kawpa ta zawpi reikah ryureihtuhpazy hnota ama tlokhei ngah awpa acha.

    3. Rai la awpa zawpizy hnota phualuah n'awpa Thatihbu eih hrahpa MADC heta a hnei opa apha.

    Sawhkha ta Dah ataopa Eg,- RTI Act, etc zy he eima hma ngah awpa a peimawh ngaita, paka ta reipachhiepata hlata asiavia o. Written Test liata paloh tlah leipazy chhaota hma hra eisa, reipa chhiepa hlata, atlohtuhpazy chhaota pha ama tavia na ta hnabeiseih achhih,

    3.Alatuhpazy chochah liata:- ado leipa nata sialeipa ta hmo tao tyhtuhpazy he beirei thai ei ta, siana kao chhao ama hnei hra. Anodeikua, reipachhiepa dei heta, ama hro panano thei mapi, chavata zawpi miah ama dovei thei khao lei awpa ta nga eima chhih awpa peimawh ta, Chhithatuh phapa eima sai thai awpa apeimawh ngaita ba.

    Rai ama la tuhpa :- A sia leipa ta rai la opa eima hnabeiseih khiata cha, rei opa eima hnei hlu aw, hmo phapa deikua tlo hleivei.Political party liata khokheituh awpa tluatuhpazy ta, ama pahana ama basai pa ta, achuna nata Chhithatuh atlyna liata pachana ama hma thai awpa a peimawh ngaita ba.

    Tawhla, he tlupo ta Mara rah thapasatuhpa (reikah) liata hlupi ta, Khapa Forum/Association pahnieh tlah chapa chhao eima padua ngah leipa he, Marasaw keimo nata keimo ta angatla khao leipa eima lyu. Apathla-pala apaopa cha leipa ta a hmaseihpa liata ahroh tuhpa eima cha awpa apeimaw ngaita. Chata acha khiata cha U theiviapazy chhaota hmia miah ama sapa ngah lyma na ta hnabeiseih achhih. Chavata thyutliazy kao hlupi liata eima hra adaih ngaita ba!!!

  • tuturudu
    Kheita MSO Hqrs cha a cha hru thai aw ama President chatpa COUNCIL OFFICE lia a tyuthla ba khi zaw HET....SALA
  • Mara  - Forum Padua Khopa
    Forum/Association he padua thei sihla pha vei ma?

    Padua theipa cha khia Member ei cha kho hra.. Eima rah tao pathi awpa ta cha thytliapa, paloruh pathaipazy apazaopakhypa py a y awpa angiah hmeiseihpa ta ei pahno. MSO he cha Politics chiah sakha hawhta pacha thla ha chy ba sihla pha aw...

    Rah tao pathi awpa ta py apadua khopazy chi nama pachana vvaw reih chyu hra tua ula..........
  • mht
    apha lei kaw tlaina.. he chohcha liata rairuna sakha avaw y thei awhpa sakha vaw rei hra tua sala, MADC chholiata ahria nga hai penaw graduate ama hlu ngasa, ano deikuala ama railia pakiasahsa khao leipata athie penaw heta, officer ama group B officer rai ama tyukha ha awh tana a cha , ama exper.. zy nata Seniority ta Y zy hnei khaovei, ama raoi hriana ko nata nokhipa chapata palo apasa kaw pa he, senier naw he MADC liata promotion ahmo awhpa naw zy chata akhaw khai awh. he rai amala pa he Senier Staff zy post awhpa acha nata pangiasa achhi Direct ta chysa pano vawla pa hei ei.. hui ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  • Anonymous
    PA or PS whatever you call it. Personal Assistant Or Personal secretary are directly appointed without interview.But the posts are co-terminus , not permanent..That means they are appointed for the present tenure of the goverment..This has been the practice in central and state goverments.PAs and PSs can also be taken from regular employees as in the case of Mizoram State goverment where several jr grade MCS officers are appointed as Personal secretary(PS) to some Ministers.It will highly improper if newly appointed PAs in MADC are given regular appoinments.
  • Anonymous
    It seems everyone is looking for the easy way to secure a job for one's closed and near ones in MADC.if this trend continues we are heading towards a situation where every educated youths will look for an easy job in MADC by hook or by crook.There is already one village in MARALAND where there are large number of post graduates and graduates ,given the small size of the village.It must have been one of best village in Mizoram in terms of the number of educated youths in
    the locality.Now let us go into the sadder part of the story.This particular village could not produce even a single candidate who is capable of cracking central or state exams till today.But they have been getting jobs in MADC quite easily and the trend is likely to continue for some more years.The village , instead of producing valuable central and state govement officers have produced many irresponsible clerks and ill-mannered staffs in MADC.So, it is a high time to introspect oneself and see reasons to chart a new ways for the youths so that they remain competitive in the era of "SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST" ..
  • Well-said
    Haha... well said... Ado kaw heih dua maw he he... lolz
  • Mr. Palohpasa
    dear Mara reipa a do kaw,,,, Eima nga chaipa Puhpa MH Tiabi taihta chhaota a lahpino CLERK chata a la naw.... EM ta alahpino clerk chata a la kho khiata cha..a bua kaw ba na...Mr Manmohan Singh heta a lahpino he khazia CLERK ta India sawhkha lia a la lalao vei?

    CLERK rai zy he cha, keimozy hawta hara riethei, o-chaki chaba saw...chhohkha tawhta sawhkha rai hriana hnei leipa nata inccome tlo kha hmah a hnei leipa..CL-XII passed pa zy maniah pie ei sala, chata cha nie awpa eima hnei hra aw.....

    Alahpino clerk rai a pie he..atla ti ta chhohkha chata source of income ama hnei n'awpa ma...SECURITY chata....

  • Mara Spy
    Mara Spy ei pie heih na.....bie paru ei thei pa.....

    Group B Officer chata la awpa chata ama reikheipa....
    Puhpa KH Beihlo ta asawchano Caroline, Vahupa ta asawchano Awmtei, S. khipo ta S. Herbertson, K.Hrahmo ta Beirokhu, IP Junior ta Thompson Azyu, TA Chhohu ta asawchano Patricia, V.Zacho ta asawchapaw Martin, etc....

    Reikheitu hnei leipa liata..Puhpa Hmingia nata Ls. Roseline zy moh a la hra....Amo pano he la Class I nota tlo awpa pangiasa ha ei ta...ama thai hra tlai ta ei pahno...tloh ei sala MADC nata Mararah ta eima phahnaikhei aw...St. Beirokhu chhao he tloh thei sala a pha kaw aw..Marasaw Internet liata hmia maniahsa tuhpa a cha....

    Class I nota advertisement ama papua hlata la awpa ta moh lapazy hry liata pano a do...C.Siatha nata S. Vabeihasa zy kha a do tlai...Kenneth deikua kha Advertisement ama papua hlata a moh la awpa ta a la vei..Kenneth deikha a do vei

    Grp B he ...a do heih va ma he.....Khazia maw..Grp B officer ama peimawh kaw khia cha..Class I officer exam no liata pa a taophazy kha tla ama la vei tly...
  • NIC Siaha  - Uaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkk thuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! ei
    Puhpa KH Beihlo (Ruthi paw) ta asaw chano CAROLINE group "B" liata council ta ama la pa lei khiatala MDC a cha na taih ta effect ta,a hlei kho ta CONGRESS party ta a rao khei awh! atahna ama ta hnei chu!!!! Ei pasiiiiiiiiiiiiiii tu ha!!!! thuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii uakkkkkkkkkkkk thui!
    Vanhnupa tala "AWMTE-I" Group "B" lia hnao cheingei pa a chuah na amata hei hra chu! Ei pasiiiiiiiiiii tu ha!
    S.KHIPO eima CEM chaohe...... a na noh ngasana... rah nopaw pi cha hrata.... COUNCIL (MADC) he anoh ei hma cha hrava, a no nata paw ryuh chao cha hlei va.... ana noh ngasa. Pasi ama chi da la aw....
    K.Hrahmo heta Beirokhu hnaopa a chuah tahpa hela... reirana a hlu kaw.... B'lore lia a y no tawhta... K.Hrahmo heta "Siaha la a khy la council lia raih ei cha piena " tahpa ta bie a taihna ama ta hei chu!! Group "A" lia khata a written a roh hrata pahno nata.... written lia khata a tlo hra tly ma? a tlo lei ta pahno nata..... Group"B" liata a vaw tlo hla hei khiatala... a na noh thei va da chala.... pasi padao a chhi tu ha!! khazohpa bie pathai pa zy la rei khao leipa ei sala apha ngyuh awh!!
    IP Jr he Thompson T.Azyu reikheipa a chuah tahpa bie tha y hrata... Eima CEM chaota a support hla hawta a ngia kaw! Pasi a ma chhi kawna....
    TA Chhohu (Executive Secty : MADC) he chao he a nanoh ei ta kaw hra. Chysa sia kawpa... a cha pata pahno nata (Angaite-paw he) a saw chano Patricia a vaw la hla khia tala.... chysa ananoh kawpa a cha cheingei awh!
    Council Officer hry liata sia hmi kawpa a fit hmi kawpa a cho maru lata PASI A CHHI!!!! chapata eipahno pa... Puhpa V.ZACHO... a noh hela aw!!!!! pasi a chhi na a cha... Zako 2009 khata council ry lia py ly ta... a saw chapaw "RICKY" cha Surverour-1 (group B -Non Gazette) liata hnaota,..... RICKY hla ta uthei viapa senior viapa Surveour-2 zy cha hlata a hnai viapa zy superseed khaipata Direct appointment Council lia a hnaopa a cha. Pasi a chhi tlai my!!! cha dei cha va...... a ta hma (Group-B "Gazetted" Officer lia a sawchapaw MARTIN VT cha hnao cheingeipa a chauah hei cha maw!!!! cha dei cha heiva.... MADC liata officer raih laichaipa Executive Secretary raih he... ata hma nohta apatu tuhpa Puhpa T.A Chhohu he hako 2011 ta pension awpa chata... cha raih kaw patu thei penaw cha COUNCIL liata senior hmeisei penaw chapa byuh ta. Cha hry ta anoh Puhpa V.Zachho heta kha cha.... a chhupa a chuah ta.. EXECUTIVE SECREATRY post he ha ko cheingeita patu pa a chuahpa hei pa a cha!!! Huihaaaaaaaaaaa pasi a ma chhi dala aw!!!!!!!!!! Khazohpa bie he la..... rei khao ra rai leipa eisala a pha awh!! no zah a chhi tu ngasa ha!
    Reihmo hawta ....Puhpa Hmingai nata Rosalyn zy nata hmathiepa tlao hmo eisila... COUNCIL ta hma a sie khei via awh!! OFFICER HMIA THIEPA HMO BYUH A CHHI RI MA CHALA.....
  • Anonymous  - A peida la aw!!!!!!!
    Forest Deptt (MADC) ry lia chao...A. Solai, Dehra Dun. cha OFFICER raih thiepa COUNCIL ta apie awh ama ta!! Direct training pie eita... direct appointment pie awpata ama ha hlana ama ta hei chu!

    Pino N.Naphie (EM) chaota a sawchano PAWPI Group "B" liata champion khei cheingeipa a chuahna ama ta hra chu!
  • Anonymous
    to Mara spy

    Puhpa V.Vanhupa sawchano awmtei khata group B raih hiah tla vei, na information daona a doh tu thlyu vei
  • Micky mouse  - Dear NIC Siaha...

    Puhpa V.Zacho kha naw....A sawchapaw Martin lahpino..MALURI d/o Chawngkhuma Chawngthu...kha Auxilium School liata Middle Teacher ta a ihpa (regularised) a la haw....
  • Anonymous  - NIC Siaha
    cha dei chava Puhpa V.Zacho saw chapaw RICKY la pino cha COUNCIL ry liata Deptt sa kha liata MR ta ahnao heihra kha zaw..............!!!
  • Anonymous  - shala!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    to Anonymous........
    Anano kaw ngyu aw...hiah tla taraw leipa ta rei khei awpa liata A y thla cha maw????hmah a y tua leipata mathyuhpata by ngai vei ama ta ty....chavata navaw pahno thai nata ei pangia sa...mara out side student Na cha khiatsatala na rah chata pachhana raih he hria avaw chhua hra ma y.....politician na he ama chah rei tu hlei kha...Na chhokhapa chhao ama cha thei aw. WE THE MARALAND STUDENT..(viah rah liata y penawh or outside maraland)DON"T CARE FOR A FUCKING GREED vaw pahno thai ma?? group B officer chhao he written hnei tua leipata interview face awpa acha hi...UDERSTAND................POLITICIAN chhokha na dei ta ama ngia hei aw!!! apachai pata COUNCIL LIATA RULING PARTY>>>..UDERSTAND shala!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Direct appointment
    Direct Appointment ta la penawh he ama paba awma? Ama paba awpa ta aphuh nama tah ma? A papho dei thai kaw pi ta, hmo hmeiseihpa a reihpa eima chyh kaw. Direct appointment he phavei tahpa la hluh ta, chakhiah paba ei sala, yzie hneipa ta la/select pakhuapa chasala tahpa rei ba tua bao u...
    EM pano penawh he ama resign awpa ta tlah nama awh nga aw ma? etc.. topic liata y chyu si la, yzie hneipa bie rei tua ei si... - Maraland Satlia
  • man
    Maraland Satlia
    Yes,of course they deserve to resign.And we have the right to have a voice to criticise the Greedy Politican who had appointed their relatives to be a government employees.They have no authority nor right to do that because we are in a democratic state not a hierarchical state.They should be forced to resign from their particular work those who are through DIRET APPOINTMENT and the persons those who appointed them whether they are qualified or not i don't care cause they have taken the common man's share.
    Mr.K.Beisa and Mr.H.Sahlo, particularly you two should be ashamed of yourself for practiing such a nasty things.Leaving behind your fellow people and care only for your betterness.And I guess this is the nastiest things in the world.
    Mr Maraland Satlia, I really appreciate your speech but the worst thing you must know is that we have no authority nor power to do that thing without the co-operation of the people.
  • NIC Siaha  - Direct appointment pie pe naw BAH EI SA!!!!
    Maraland Satlia,
    He tlupota comment pie pi ta, aw sa pita, rei pita, eima cha kheinga pa he.... "MEANING LESS" nata na ma? He tlupota eima reipachhie(critics) na bie zy dua he.... Chysa mohkhao(eye) hnei pa zy ama cha khiata nata nakao(ear) hneipa zy ama cha khiata eima hmo reipa/rohpa zy dua heta tlao MEANING a hnei kaw pata ei pahno tlai maw? Tlaikao rei(Mizo reihta) "A ruh lang rawt in/ a thling baw hawk a hrilh an ngaih phei chuan..... comment pek ngai lovin EM/Politician an nih na tang ban vang vang rawh se" tahpa tlao ama byuh hla hawpa cha. Chasala, na bie rei chuahna dala eicha pahno thai khei kaw... Marasaw zy pi he...(a thling baw hawk) ta bie rei eima thai lei chao acha thei awh.. na comment pha kaw hla ha.

    DIRECT APPOINTMENT MADC ta a pie penaw pahnoh(2) 1. K. Robert S/o Puhpa K. Beisa, EM (LAD), HEO
    2. H. Palai S/o Puhpa H. Sahlo, EM (RD), ASO naw he a cha tlie thei chaipata ama appointment letter CANCELL pa cha sa,ahlei khota a pie tu penaw Executive Members(EM) naw pahnoh(2) Puhpa K. Beisa, EM (LAD) nata Puhpa H. Sahlo, EM (RD) zy he Marasaw mania moh hnao eita, Thyutlia penaw lathlo chaw pahy tuhpa cha leipa eita, Thyutlia penaw lathlo khaw tupa ama cha pavata a cha thlie thei chaipata Executive Member ama cha na tawta A RESEIGN ei sa.!!! tahpa he Keimo THYUTLIA NET USERS na zy khona da nata eima MARALAND/Mara zawpi zy khona dah a cha!
  • Anonymous
    Talking of mr V.Zacho,it is quite surprising that he has such an influence in MADC.In terms of seniority there are at least 5 or 6 officers who are senior to him, but the kind of things that he can do are sometings which even some EMs are unable to do.The fact that he is the only MADC officer appearing in this entire scenario shows that he has the backing of CEM.
  • user  - V.Zacho Maniac!!!!!!
    Dear NIC Siaha,
    Khi na panoh 1) K.Robert nata S/o K.Beisa (EM) 2) H.Palai S/o H.Sahlo (EM)ngala cha va ei... Puhpa V.Zacho saw RICKY VT S/o V.Zachho chao he Direct Appoint va cha hrata... CANCELL nama demand hry lia heta a hlao pha hra vei ma?? RICKY he ama rei na dah tala BA chao pua leipa a cha! Cha hry ta a paw V.Zacho (Sr RO) a cha nota ... a saw chapaw RICKY he Surveour -1 (Group B) ta Direct Appointment a piepa a cha. He chao he CANCELL awpa hry liata a moh he a la hrasala apha awh!
    @Anonymous : You are right! V.Zacho is playing this MADC game. It's a shame for him and his family. I heard a rumours that... V.Zacho is playing a big game trying tobecome the next Executive Secretary (MADC) superseeding all his seniors! In MADC game he now act as a ROOK and our lil CEM is his pawn!!!! Hahahahahaha

  • Anonymous
    The scions of our politicians have always enjoyed a privileged status in our society.The led a luxurious life and are educated in some of the best institutions in the country..They had the resources and the means to suceed in whatever they do.But the fact remains that they are not only proud and selfish,they are lazy and are in no position to secure a good job at the central or state.Their easy target is of course the MADC which is completely over-staffed.One used to think that they would led an examplary lives so that even the uderprivileged could look upto them for inspirations.This is not happening and is unlikely to happen in the near future.A succesful son or daughter of a mara politician is hard to find,if not impossible.Ways to go...............MARA POLITICIANS
  • mamambung  - please stand up...please stand up
    well!!!! here's what i was pondering .....among the many of us who read this post and posted the comments i bet there are some who are relatives of the tainted leaders.....either their sons their daughters their neice or uncles or in some way or the other related to them...(wat say?) so my QEUSTION here is.....are we just gonna read and shrug them off/defend them/deny it true or are we gonna go ahead and point out to them?............R u going to show them atleast this comments......any quesses?
  • Executive Member cha ho leipa  - Officer HMIATHIEPA EIMA HMO KHO!!!!! EM sawna khom
    MADC ta Group -B officer a la awpa lia heta..... CHYSA HMIATHIEPA HMO THEI EISILA EI BYUH CHAIH!! MADC Executive Members sawna cha leipa, Mara Politician sawna cha leipa, MADC Officers sawna cha leipa.... HMIATHIEPA CHEINGEI HMO ei sila...tahpa he Net user zy khona dah a cha kawpata alah ha bah! A aita eima ai ha bahtana eipahno.

    "COUNCIL Group-B Officer tur ah hian HMELTHAR kan hmu duh!!! EM fa te kan duh lo!!! MADC Officer Fa te pawh kan duh lo,Mararam chunga Politician Fa te pawh kan duh lo!!! HMELTHAR HRIM HRIM KAN DUH" :) tla awh cheingei tua su u!
  • Reforming the system
    I think we need a new political culture wherein civil society at large opposed to any kind of direct or political appointment . Today, our society by and large seems to accept all these dirty acts done by the power elites. The silence on the part of NGO's and even the church reflected this trend.The society therefore needs to reform itself. Who will bring reformation in Maraland?.Students community, Church, individuals,etc.?

    If the Indian constitution(sixth scheduled in the case of Maraland) seeks to provide equal opportunities to each and every India, our politicians then failed to uphold the Indian constitution. Could we then approach the judiciary to intervene to force MADC to abide by constitution?.In the absence of recruiting body,would it be better to entrust the MPSC for recruitment of candidates for the higher jobs in MADC? will political parties and the people of Maraland ready to do that? All these questions become relevant now.
  • Angry young men  - Power
    @mamambung: nice comment there! I've always remember what Mao Zedong quot s for defying "Power" Mao said a real power came out from a barrel of a GUN!!
    We are very close to Revolution dear onces!! we are....
  • Anonymous
    the MSO Hqrs, Siaha before which was a srong collective body is now a thing of the past. So, it is really a high time for the MSO Sub-Hqrs Shillong and the MSO joint hqrs Aizawl, the two abled bodies which have the maximum number of members outside Maraland to work collectively for the common cause of the Mara people. - ms
  • hyderabad soccer  - Who's Gonna bell the Cat?
    Marasaw naw pi hela, a papho nata reira lachha la eima thai kaw sai na...Action la awhpa ta eima riachhie tu ha...Ti na ra chata keimo, eima sawnaw SACRIFICE nga eima so kaw. Ra zoh hmeisia liata sie awhpa Missionary zy chhao a cha pylyu hra..

    My friend, wake me up in that Heaven
    Where our narrow commitments
    To our family and kinsmen
    Is thrashed by
    Our astute ideological convictions...
    There I shall walk with you-side by side
    In rain or shine
    My friend, wake me up only then.
  • Hei ha, apeirima cha!
    Mara saw chathaipazy rai post sano vata thi eima ngah hmi thlahpa he a pei rima cha.. Eima district lia leipata rai hmo eima nga tla khao lei pa he!!!!!!!!!. party hropa zy daiti nota he rai post he rua hrasala eima palo chana hawhta ama hriapyly nata eipa ngiasa vei cha maw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EM navaw chati ta ma/officer navaw cha tita ma,ama charei pachhie hralei nawpata avaima y.

  • Na pei via
    Cha Direct Appointment adoleipa areihpazy he hawhta na vaw tahpa he no-ah achhih kaw dua maw. Ado leipa cha adoleina zie areipa ama y vei khiah kheita maw? No-ah a chhih kaw heih na...
  • gaar
    cha mso branch ngasa da cha la. a ma tao awpa chhao pahno vei e.a byh ba leina lia a cha hrao e,a cha hrao nawpa lia a cha hrao ei hei tlo ei va. mso chhao he a politics kaw ba ta eipa hno.Apahno pa sia via pa zy kha kheita ma hma nama la paper lia pa pua pa ta ma lapi ma eima chhi hei ma.eima ra rao ngapa he na nata kei ta taopathi a chhuah ei si.something should be pahia a chhi da he la.
  • Amo pasia tyh  - Hei ha, apeirima cha...Na comment he la
    "MOLEINA AHNEI LEIPATA HE CHANO HE VAW SAO TE U" tahpa nata Direct Appointment chochah he..a zao na y tla vei..He hela na rei chheih kaw. Bible hela a true interpretation pahno lei khiatala, reih chakhy nga kawpa chi chavei..A cha do ba ma y!

    Tawla, He panonah he eima buakhei chaipa cha leipata, MADC ta a do lei kawpa ta rai a la tyh pa he a cha...He haw heta MADC a sie lyma khiata la...hara riethei sipasapazy chata khatita MADC liata su a y khao aw...Ama saw nata lahpinozy ta MADC liata RAI a la khai ha ei.

    Party hro penawh chhaota ta chita, na reipa a do kaw...Ano deikua Congress party eima nga chaipa nata party uthei chaipa chhaota he hawpa hmo a tao khopa he la eima rah chata chhiena na a cha..Central Congress Party ama pahno lei kaw eima rah congress chhihthatuh na heta...Ama hry liata chathaipa congress policy rei ta pahnothai awpa ama chyh ha tu va a cha thei aw.

    Tawla, liata (he news topic) liata comment a pie penawh hluh viapa he GRP B rai he hiahpa y tla aw mapi, eima y chhaota eima chy kaw aw....MADC ta hmo do lei kaw chota zawpi maniah tha lei kawpa ta hmo a taopa he eima paloh a pasa naihta, eima vaw rei hrapa a cha....

    rei pachhie kha, rei pachhiepa ta na y lei n'awpa ta a vai ma y ta heih chita....democratic state sie zie na pahno lei kawpa ta ei cha pahno... Ruling party ta ama raihriapa reipachhie awpa a y khiatala...eima theina nata pahnona dah hawta rei pachhie lyma awpa...cha chata sawhkha hmo dopa liata a sie tyh....Opposition party zyta ama taopa ama tao leipa vata keimo marasaw liatapa zy ta ama rai eima vaw hriapa.....Public opinion he democracy rah liata la chhaichhi pha chaipa a cha hra....Political Science na chu bei leipa chhaota he hawpa he cha pahno hrapa bao chi..Bible la bie na vaw rei syulyu bao
  • Anonymous  - re:
    gaar wrote:
    cha mso headquater ngasa da cha la. a ma tao awpa chhao pahno vei e.a byh ba leina lia a cha hrao e,a cha hrao nawpa lia a cha hrao ei hei tlo ei va. mso chhao he a politics kaw ba ta eipa hno.Apahno pa sia via pa zy kha kheita ma hma nama la paper lia pa pua pa ta ma lapi ma eima chhi hei ma.eima ra rao ngapa he na nata kei ta taopathi a chhuah ei si.something should be pahia a chhi da he la.
  • gaar
    "MOLEINA AHNEI LEIPATA HE CHANO HE VAW SAO TE U" a rei tupa hi a pacha pasia tua. Eima ra a rao ngapa he hmolei apacha pata eima y khia kheita ra a do thei aw a do leipa a tao pathi tupa cha a chhuah hri su. na chhao a mo haw ta E.M vaw cha la na ta hla hra nata eipangiasa. state hro la rai eima hmo thei nata thei lei cha ky hropa.eima nawta na nata a chu haipa ra ta a phahnai khei awpa zy,state hro la hria khai eisa la khei ta ra cha a pha thei aw.a thai hmesei pa na eima ra lia y tla lei ve sa la kheita ra a hmasie aw."UNAW A PA CHA PASIA TUA." pei boa vei ta ta tla na pa kho lyma aw ma.
  • mr.banglr
    mr.mara spy reipa adokaw amala khopa nata rai ruapa a y pa a chakhiata cha khazia 1st liata hlaotlo leipana hry liata tao pha viapa zy kha ama la hla vei cha cha hmo sie da naw pa rai cha vei ma?????? V.zacho khaw pei ei ta hmeisei ei mothli po ei na pathla sa pa nga kaw marasaw he tluta eima rai ru sahlao ta eima theipa ma thei lei pa ma a chu hualua pita sawkha rai so thla nata a sawna pachy pali tla cha li py leipa na cha ama zy duata a pangia khai eina. dyucheipa laina chota a chu holo ta B.A M.A patlo penaw pacha ngai veina a saw seihnai penaw chata chhao MADC liata seat a reserve chhili khai hei vei ma ???a cha tlie pata a hnao chie penaw chhao cha a withdraw khaisa mara thyutlia palo pasana nata mothli he a thlaw cha vei tahpa pahnosa. Eipahno na rakhapata liata la eima chu lai penaw tisi mo chhaota khi nata tla ta pahnai khei hlei mapi eima khi pa cha taraw ta hwti ko 18 taw ry lapa naw chho chhita la pahno vei ei tisi pa a cha pa hmata ama ta, cha tluta khi nata tla apuana cha hmata contribution hnei leipa tlaita a sawna cha ahnao hnasa ei asawna vyu pata tisi moh riethei ngasa pata B.A patlopa taopa nata hriapa reikhei tuh phapa ama hnei lei vata a y pa na zy kha hnao hri sala bata chhata amo ngia via patlai. Council secretary hehaw ta a do lei ngasa pata ama sie nga hei khiata cha a kia hei pyly aw cha daiti lia la mara ra he a zua thei ro aw.
  • Kadua
    MOLEINA AHNEI LEI PATA HE CHANO HE VAW SAO TEH U"Na bie vaw thyu pa he a BIEPIPA(TITLE) liata ei vaw halleluiah pahru pa tlai A CHHO (main ) lata ei za sai nata la RAH KYH NA PACHA LEI ZIE CHA VAW PAHNO PASIA NATA ...Na coment chhao he ei pa li na tlao eina pachhi....Nama hawpa zy va tlai hena EIMARAH(MARALAND) he lathlo do pa liata ei ma sie thei khao vei..Nama he MSO lia chhao na pahlao hlu tu nata cha pa ngia sa hra vana...DIRECT APPOINTMENT thati eima discuss na chha pa he MADC ry liata Rai eima hnabei sei pa vata cha hlei bao vei...DEMOCRACY rah liata apahrapa na cha khiata la ZAWPI PACHANA(PUBLIC OPINION) a pei mawh zie na pahno thai aw..Na hela PHEIHSAI ryureihna ry liata a laihsei pa na cha nata ei cha pangiasa kaw..Mao hlei bao va chi..DEMOCRACY ryureihna dah navaw pahno pasia mah lei vana a cha. thlyu aw......l.
  • Anonymous  - unknon
    kadua sai u cha nama bua rima da chaa.......raipha pa zy nama kho hrapa a cha khiata cha tiama kaw pata a hy la hra bao u....officer liA TLA NAMA ngia hraw kha my.....nama papho nasatu haw....nam la pasa tu haww..this is khovel everythnz pogo...nama hmo ro pa he politician zyta hmo pyly vei nama ku a ba mai2.....paphopalei lei data a chy molo la tu u....cho chad........
  • Viarah Satlia  - Unknon hnota Achhyna


    Na Comment vaw hmo tawhta he hawhta pachana eina pie cha maw!

    Acholiata Comment tuhpazy he Marasaw thytutliapa chathaipa nata achuhai[pazyt ta eima buakhei nga hialia awpa a cha tahpa vaw pahno la apha aw. Ahy rai raih phapa cha eima kho khai, nama chhao na kho thlah pylyhra aw. Anodeikua, eima rah chhoh liata ryureina no eihpa eima hnei chhohpa liata raih lana ado thai leipa, myla hano liata eima rah pabua thei awpa eima kho leipa vata he hawhta ama paloh pasana he vaw palasapa a cha.

    Eima hmo rohpa he Politician zy ta ama mokhao cheingei ta hmo aw ei ta, cha rohpa cheingei ta Marasaw achuhaipazy maniah ama vaw chhy daihti a y thei aw tahpa vaw pahno ma y.

    He raih chochah va heta keimo Mara thytliapazy pita palo hmeihseih ta pei ta pi ta, eima lapasaw kaw sai. Napachana he apasahsa kaw chi ta, khapa hmah cha hlei va chi aw. Politician nata Officer ama la thiehpa zy nama chhokhapazy ama y holopa cha hriua khia maw!

    Abyuhna hawhta papho awpi ta, abyuhna hawhta hmah chhao eima la aw... Nama hawhta Bengali paloh phaopa he cha peimawh hlei ma pi.... chieh niepa na cha hra khaw......
    Zahia eima mo va ta atanoh eima zia hla chy awhpa cha hlei vei. Khei haw party rai ta sokhana tao ei sala, eima tua aw rie cha eima tau vei maw!

    Zahia hlata chysa eima hra (Awareness) ha ba tana tlao a cha.
  • Right  - WHISPER
    Na reipa a do kaw na...Anonymous-Unknon deikua khila a pacha chhei kaw hra na....Ano hawhpa he eima rah liata ama hluh aw tahpa ei chi kaw....Rah ama zuah khoh hla ha aw...A pei kaw.
  • whisper  - Rah ama zuah khoh hla ha aw...A pei kaw
    Ama pachana a pasi leipa va nata ama pahnothai hmeiseih leipa va zy a cha thei hra. Eipaw, Ama pahno leina liata ngiathai ma y, tahpa na a byuh.

    Khizaw su hro zy moh sila, eima ra chata tha pasa lei theipa chavei. Khazia maw state hro la cl-xii zy taih ta a chuh awh ta eima pua kaw? college a sa viah nata medical/engineering zy cha eima hnei ma leipa a cha chhao ta pahnothai a chhih ta. Higher secondary zy chha he cha eima ra liata kia lyma thei ei sila..Drain of wealth he a hlu tu ha..eima ra so a pua hlu tu ha na...
  • maraland revolutioner chief aw
    Unknown "this is khovel"??? wats that fucking language....shala ..Marapa na cha khiala na pi kheina reih ta coment he vaw pie may y..shala underground vaw pua tita na he hmia tua chaipa liata chhorei aw pa na cha hialia na,..".kadua sai u cha nama bua rima da chaa.......raipha pa zy nama kho hrapa a cha khiata cha tiama kaw pata a hy la hra bao u....officer liA TLA NAMA ngia hraw kha my.....nama papho nasatu haw....nam la pasa tu haww..this is khovel everythnz pogo...nama hmo ro pa he politician zyta hmo pyly vei nama ku a ba mai2"............ fuck.... EI ku he khati no hmata EINO MARALAND chata si?ba bei vei...".mai2" he khapa rei maw?..shala na pih na reih chhao thai pasia chiva..officer cha awpa hela aru lei tu pahno ma??? POLITICIAN CHHOKHA NA CHA KHO HMI KAW NA ...kei ku raihria pa saw he ahy hmata EINO MARALAND moh tala cha chi tla vei ta ei cha hmo byuh kaw na...
  • Micky Mouse  - Officer phapa kho leipa eima lyu kaw.....
    Group B Result dua ma pua haw kaw ba...Executive nah ama bua kaw ei na, ama khokheipa hluh tloh ei ta, la awpa lia ama bua kaw ei na....Post la awpa zie chhao a siano ta ama rei nga leipa kha....Ama khokheipazy maluh a hluh via khia, la hluh via awpa tla ama tah ei na...

    Eima District Council ta Officer chata a kho leipa, St. Perry Miehlo cha Mawrah sawhkha ta a kho kaw bao...Chyhsa phapa nata siapa he eima council ta a khoh leipa a lyu kaw....
  • The other view
    Technical course achu penawh council liata technical job a cha hlei leipa rai he la hiah leipa ei sala a pha ei tah via... ama chupa course pha ta, amo rai phapa ato theipa ta non-technical rai liata ama ngia awpa he la i ama chhih tu haw. Mara saw technical course achupa eima chyhpa heih.. council liata Group A zy hlata State liata ama line ta liata rai ama ngia thei awpa he Marasawzy chata eima thohkhei chai aw. Anodeikua COuncil liata technical officer rai hawhpazy a pahy khiah deikua angia cheingei ei sala ama thaina hma hra ei sala tahpa he ei vaw pacha dah a cha... - TV
  • Admin  - Comment khawchy ba aw
    He liata news topic he "MADC Officer Pano Direct Appointment Reirana Hluh" tahpa cha ta, chahrasala eima khopasanazy va ta Group A, B etc zy rai lana kyh chochah taih chhao eima chia(comment) pa holo hra.
    Website dah hawhta comment zy he delete awpata aryh lei pata, anodeikua News topic thokha comment zy disable theipa achana hawhta, he topic he comment hropa baichhi awpa a thei khao lei n'awpata disable chy ba pa a cha.
    Maraland.NET ahmahtuhpa zydua nama pacha thaina eima cha haw hmeihseih.
    ~ Admin, Maraland.NET
    {News contribution khohpa nata hiahrina hropazy atao khohpa cha ta, admin at Maraland.NET liata mail paphao theipa a cha.}
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